Innovations in Intellectual Property Rights

Prof. Smita S. Lele

Director, ICT-Marathwada Campus, Jalna
Professor of Biochemical Engineering

Granted Patents

  1. A novel process for dehydration of bovin colostrum

    Patent No.: IN 284477; 2017
    Inventors: Lele S. S.; Suhas Rajeeva; Amebar S. A.
    Abstract: The present invention relates to the dehydration of natural bovine colostrum to crystalline powder with good retention of immunoglobulin content, which could be added to infant formula to give similar immunological properties as human milk and process thereof.
  2. Extracellular biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles using thurmus aquaticus

    Patent No.: IN 294710; 2018
    Inventors: Lele S. S.; Bhagat Anupam
    Abstract: The invention relates to the biosynthesis of gold nanoparticles using thermophilic bacteria, Thermus aquaticusis a non-pathogenic, optimum growth temperature of 70°C.

Patent Applications Filed

  1. Food products with reduced natural sugar content and process of preparation thereof.

    Patent Application No.: 201721008679
    Inventors: Lele S. S, Sai Nikam
    Abstract: The present invention relates to food products with reduced natural sugar content. More preferably, the present invention provides low sugar fruit or vegetable food products for diabetes patient without loss of natural fibers, nutrients and oraganoleptical properties.
  2. Iron fortified legume based flour premixes and method of manufacture thereof

    Indian Application No.: 439/MUM/2012
    Inventors: Lele S. S.; Ambekar S. A.; Ananthanarayan L.
    Abstract: The present invention is on preparation of a legume-enriched powder mix that is compounded to deliver bioavailable iron along with nutritionally beneficial components, wherein the powder could be used as soups, gravy thickner, Indian bread etc.

Industrial Consultancy till date

  1. Alpha Laval Tetra Pak
  2. Godrej Tyson Foods
  3. Trilok Food India
  4. Sawarde Valley Food Foundation

Dr. Parag R. Nemade

UGC Assistant Professor in Engineering Science

Patent Applications Filed

  1. Novel nanocomposites of γ-MnO2 supported on graphene oxide used as a catalyst

    Indian Application No.: 473/MUM/2014
    Inventors: Nemade P. R.; Gaikar V. G., Jha N.; Dhopte K. B.; Kadam M. M.
    Abstract: The invention relates to graphene oxide supported γ-MnO2 catalyst, which is more than twice as active other MnO2 based catalysts reported for oxidation of benzyl alcohol using air at low temperatures.
  2. A water-resistant phosphogypsum composition

    Indian Application No.:4024/MUM/2014
    Inventors: Sarode D. D.; Nemade P. R.; Dalvi V. H.; Sontakke S. M.; Zambare R. H.; Mukadam N. V.; Baviskar U. K.
    Abstract: Invention relates to a gypsum plaster that is suitable for use on external walls that can replace expensive and eco-unfriendly cement plasters. Moreover, the plaster has very low incidence of cracks which is a major issue in cement plaster, thereby improving water resistance.

Industrial Consultancy till date

  1. GAIL India Limited
  2. Maharashtra State Power Generation Compay Ltd
  3. Rashtriya Chemicals and Fertilizers Ltd.
  4. Sterlite Technologies Ltd.