Cocurricular Activities-converted

  1. Maths Club Ganitshastram

    (Ganit-Maths and Shastram-scriptures)

    The Maths Club developed at ICT MARJ looks forward to develop interest in Mathematics and make it easy for learning and understanding for the people. It sees forward to use Maths as a weapon to develop better technologies useful for mankind. Its mission is to develop new techniques and methodology to obtain better lifestyle. The activities that were held under the Maths Club (ICT MARJ) were, Seminar: The seminar was conducted by Rohit Chaudhari and Urvi Parlikar. During the seminar held at Matsyodari Engineering College, the students at MSS were taught about matrices and well acquainted with easy tricks and techniques to solve the related problems. Quiz: The quiz competition was held by Ameya Mantri and Hiteshree Sarode. The quiz competition was distributed in four rounds:

    Rapid fire round

    Buzzer Round

    Question Answer round

    Quick Solving Round

    -Dr Sandeep P Bhairat, Asst. Professor of Engineering Maths, ICT Mumbai-Marathwada Campus.

  2. Site Visit at Pushkarini Lake at Ambad, Jalna

    ICT MARJ students, under leadership of Prof P R Nemade, visited the historical Pushakarini Lake (Barav) at Ambad , Dist Jalna. This historical lake was a source of water for residents of Ambad. But now it is infested with weeds, algae and other waste materials. Local Rotary Club of Ambad requested ICT team to undertake the study of the lake water and suggest a plan for its revival by purification of its water. They wanted to restore this historical lake to its old glory. ICT MARJ students team under the guidance of Prof P R Nemade , have accepted this challenge and are going to submit an action plan to the local residents of Ambad. ICT team also agreed to fully support the restoration of this historical lake.

    Pushkarini Lake at Ambad, Jalna

  3. Sports Dhamaka

    Sports Dhamaka was organized at ICT MARJ campus in February-2019 month. Prof Sandip Bhairat & Mr Majeed Jamkhani took great efforts in organising Cricket, Badminton, Vollyball and Kabaddi matches. Cricket players auction and team formation was meticulously executed by students. Following students were winners in these events. Office staff also took part in these events.

    1. Badminton:

      Boys: Winner - Akshat Bedmutha , Runner up- Prasad Lakade

      Girls: Winner - Gargi Patil , Runner up - Vaidehi Patil

    2. Volleyball:

      Winner Team: Kartik Ghate, Siddhant Unde, Prajwal Jadhav, Dhananjay Nagre, Atharva Jahagirdar, Vishnu Pradeep, Harshal Kasat.

    3. Cricket:

      Winner Team:

      Royal Strikers: Kartik Ghate, Yogesh Mhetre, Harshal Kavhale, Krutarth Pandit, Ameya Mantri, Rahul Vyas, Bhavesh Dayma, Arun Chaudhari.

      Highest Runs Scorer: Prajwal Jadhav (Playboys Team)

      Highest Wickets Taker: Shrenik Bakhda (Playboys Team)